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Why NEBB Certification Matters

NEBB — an acronym for the National Environmental Balancing Bureau, establishes and maintains industry standards, procedures and specifications for work in its various disciplines. Each discipline is anchored by a NEBB Procedural Standard that provides guidelines for work to be performed and NEBB certification examinations that validate the individual’s knowledge.

NEBB certification is incredibly important in mechanical engineering, and the organization has been responsible for installing some of the most important industry standards over the course of the last 40+ years. When you work with NEBB-certified firms, you know that they have the qualifications to perform a high level of work.


A NEBB certification is tangible proof of the ability of firms and technicians to provide high level testing, adjusting, and balancing services. Since opening in 1971, the National Environmental Balancing Bureau has been responsible for establishing industry standards in environmental systems and optimization processes. Additionally, the NEBB has worked to launch educational training programs that keep firms and technicians up to date and adapt with current commissioning standards and technologies.

For more information, visit NEBB .

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